The 3rd SABIS® Staff/Students Annual Sports Tournament - Kurdistan

 On Saturday, June 11, 2011, students and staff of SABIS® schools and the university in Kurdistan celebrated the closing ceremony of the 3rd Annual Sports Tournament at the ISC-Erbil.  The sports tournament began on April 30, 2011 and continued over a two-week span to accommodate a schedule of games played every Saturday.

Gathering all the SABIS® schools, plus the university, in Kurdistan, the event proved to be a rewarding activity for all participants and even revealed some new local talents in the world of sports. The closing ceremony recognized the top performers of the tournament who were awarded with trophies and medals by SABIS® Representative in Kurdistan, Mr. Raed Mahmoud.

The results were as follows:


1-      SABIS® University (Erbil)

2-      Sardam International School (Duhok)


1-      SABIS® University (Erbil)

2-      ISC-Erbil


1-      ISC-Erbil

2-      Fakhir Mergasori International School (Erbil)

Table Tennis (Women):

1-      Perween Abdulrahman - Sardam International School (Duhok)

2-      Roj Romeo - Sarwaran International School (Erbil)

Table Tennis (Men):

1-      Emad Noureddin - ISC-Erbil

2-      Ziad Othman - ISC-Erbil

Athletics (100 Meter Sprint - Men):

1-      Salam Abdurrahman Sabri - Sardam International School (Duhok)

2-      Mohammad Assaad Mawloud - ISC-Erbil

Swimming (50 Meter Freestyle - Men):

1-      Mohammad Assaad Mawloud - ISC-Erbil

2-      Shivan Rasheed - Sardam International School (Duhok)

Swimming (25 Meter Freestyle - Women):

1-      Shleir Abdulrahman - ISC-Erbil

2-      Jwan Husny - Fakhir Mergasori International School (Erbil)