ISC-Erbil Brings Home a Win in Global I-FIT Competition

We are so proud of our ISC-Erbil students who showcased their creative talents and skills in the June challenges of the Innovation Fellows In Training: International Dash Series Summer 2021, a global competition held by Iowa State University that includes a variety of workshops for international High School students to innovate alongside Iowa State faculty and students. Among the 550+ students registered (174 teams) from 46 schools in 18 countries, 17 ISC-Erbil students participated in five teams.


The first two teams from ISC-Erbil participated in “The School of the Future” challenge, which required teams to explore, envision, and design what the school of the future would look like through a 2-minute video describing their vision. Among the 27 teams representing 13 countries, ISC-Erbil Team 1’s project won the Reviewer’s category in this challenge, being chosen for its ingenuity in the sustainability sector and its inclusion of concrete input provided by talented people from their specific fields, such as education, corporate training, and psychology. The challenge started with a two-hour workshop on June 24, 2021 and ended with an award ceremony hosted on July 7, 2021.

Watch the “The School of the Future” challenge videos created by Team 1 (winning team) and Team 2 here:

    A Slide from the Winning Team's Presentation


The other three teams from ISC-Erbil participated in the “Start Something” challenge, competing among 56 teams from around the globe. Although our students did not win in this category, the hands-on experience they received in the workshop and the creative skills they displayed in their projects were undeniably valuable.

Check the “Start Something” challenge videos of our three teams here:


Participants in The School of the Future Challenge:

Team 1 (Winning Team):

  1.  Rami Khalid Abdulrazzq
  2. Ali Sazar Sami Alasady
  3. Mihne Turcitu

Team 2 :   

  1. Al-yamama Hudhaifa Issa
  2. Rukea Al-Kazzaz
  3. Mohammad Hasan Saad Thabit
  4. Abdullah Ghanim Ahmed

Participants in the Start Something Challenge:

Team 1:

  1. Rami Khalid Abdulrazzq
  2. Ali Sazar Sami Alasady
  3. Mihne Turcitu

 Team 2:

  1. Martin Harb Zako
  2. Yousif Romeo Alisy
  3. Mobasher Zaid Mohammed

 Team 3:

  1. Vina Nazar Hamad
  2. Abdulrahman Aso Ibrahim
  3. Washan Kamaran Nasih
  4. Sarwin Majd AlBarzani