AY2122 Recommended Tablet Specifications


Tablet Specifications



Operating System

Android™ Version 10.0 or above

Internal Storage

32 GB or above


8 Core or above

CPU Frequency

1.6 GHz or above

Memory (RAM)

2 GB or above

Screen Size (diagonal)

10.1 inches or above


1920 x 1080 or above

SD Card Supported





  • Tablets purchased with the above technical specifications are expected to be compatible for up to 3 years, after which a replacement may be needed.

Important Notes

< >For the Academic Year 2021-22, tablets with Android™ versions below 8.0 may not be used.For the Academic Year 2021-22, Huawei tablets running Android™ operating systems may continue to be used if they have Android™ version 8.0 or higher.For the Academic Year 2022-23, tablets with Android™ versions below 9.0 may not be used.Tablets with technical specifications less than the above recommendation may experience slower and/or inconsistent performances while accessing SABIS® tools and products.