Ski Trip 2012

A group of excited ISC-Erbil students and teachers gathered at the school on March 11, 2012, and headed for Istanbul, Turkey, where they would spend the week skiing and enjoying each other’s company. Upon arrival in Istanbul, the students travelled by coach to Uludag, a ski resort. 

At the resort, students were divided into groups and throughout the first day were taught techniques and skills by an instructor. By the end of the first day, the students were able to ski down the bunny slopes and had learned how to stop while going downhill.

The next day, everyone, with some assistance from the instructors, was ready to take the ski lifts and try some steeper hills. The students were so engaged in the activity that they did not want to stop for lunch.

A visit to Istanbul was on the agenda for the following day, when students visited the Forum Istanbul for shopping, eating, and playing games. The excursion to Istanbul also include sight-seeing including a visit to Istanbul’s most famous landmark Sultan Ahmed Mosque aka the “Blue Mosque”. Students enjoyed exploring the area and taking pictures of the architecture and design.

Students were not eager for their trip to end, but looked forward to sharing stories and memories with their families and friends. They are already looking forward to the next year’s trip.