SABIS® Co-Founders visit Kurdistan

SABIS® co-founders, Mrs. Leila Saad and Mr. Ralph Bistany, recently visited Kurdistan, where they toured the International School of Choueifat - Erbil and the SABIS® University as well as the two of the three public-private partnership (PPP) schools operating in Kurdistan, the Fakhir Mergazori International School and Sarwaran International School. The co-founders were accompanied by SABIS® President, Carl Bistany, and Mr. Elie Sawaya, SABIS® UAE/Gulf Representative.

On their visit to ISC-Erbil, currently in its fourth year of operation with more than 1000 students, the co-founders were given a warm welcome. Student Life prefects gave a tour of the school campus along with ISC-Erbil Director, Dr. Humaira Bokhari, and Student Life Coordinator, Rawiya Mahmoud. The students took great pride in explaining the school operation, the various programs, and the role of the student prefects in supporting the administration, teachers, and students at ISC-Erbil.

While touring the ISC-Erbil campus, Mrs. Saad and Mr. Bistany observed SABIS Shadow Teachers® in action in KG2 as well as in the Middle School. They also observed the high level of students' engagement in numerous prefect positions throughout the school.

Mrs. Saad and Mr. Bistany's trip to Kurdistan also included a day spent at the Fakhir Mergazori International School, which was the first PPP School in Kurdistan, and the Sarwaran International School, a second PPP school that was founded to educate children of martyrs. The co-founders visited several classrooms to observe instruction and the implementation of the SABIS Point System®. They also had the chance to meet with the administration, teachers, and students.

At the PPP schools, the co-founders were impressed by strong spirit of achievement present, even in the newly-established Sarwaran International School. They were also pleased to see that the schools were instilling the SABIS® system in students from a very early age and laying the foundation for skills that will benefit them for years to come.

The SABIS® co-founders also visited the temporary campus of recently inaugurated SABIS® University. The visit provided an opportunity to observe the training of local Ministry of Education (MOE) teachers. This training occurs as part of the PPP project and includes training of MOE teachers in English proficiency, Information Technology, and the implementation of the SABIS Point System®. Mrs. Saad and Mr. Bistany also attended some classes and visited campus facilities.

The trip to Kurdistan culminated with a dinner for the staff of ISC-Erbil, both PPP schools, and the university. Those in attendance listened to an address by Mrs. Saad in which she praised their efforts and encouraged them to maintain the high standards that will help students become responsible, world-class citizens.