SABIS® Shows Support for Kurdistan in Suleimaniah International Exhibition

To highlight its role in the rebuilding of Kurdistan and Iraq through education, SABIS® participated in the fifth DBX Kurdistan International Exhibition from November 11 to 14, 2009. SABIS® joined 222 local and international companies from 14 countries who gathered at the exhibition that was held in the city of Suleimaniah, Kurdistan.

In only its fourth year in Kurdistan, SABIS® has been improving the quality of education in the public and private sector, and the exhibition provided a platform for SABIS® to reiterate its commitment to educational reform in the Kurdistan region and expose its current and future projects. These include the newly opened International School of Choueifat - Suleimaniah, the International School of Choueifat - Erbil, the new SABIS® University, and the growing number of SABIS® public-private partnership schools around Kurdistan.

SABIS® booth attracted a number of visitors, most notably the newly-appointed Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Barham Ahmed Salih. The Prime Minister inquired about the new ISC school in Suleimaniah, with its newly large campus that will begin construction soon, and expressed his best wishes for success. Other visitors were also drawn to the SABIS® booth and wanted to learn more about the SABIS® system, the SABIS® books that were on display, and the expansion possibilities throughout Iraq.

Since its first foray into the education sector in the Kurdistan region in 2006, SABIS® has been making a difference in the lives of children by giving them access to a world-class well-rounded education. From 220 students in the first year of operation, SABIS® schools in Kurdistan currently boast an impressive enrollment of 2,200 students. These students, hailing from various nationalities, are being equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead and become valuable assets to their community and Kurdistan.

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