SABIS® Schools in Kurdistan Support Wan Earthquake Survivors

On October 23, 2011, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Wan, a province in Southeast Turkey and was followed by hundreds of aftershocks. The catastrophe resulted an immeasurable damage and suffering to the people living in the area.

With a commitment to serving others--whether nearby or abroad--the students from SABIS® schools across Kurdistan banded together to help those in need in Wan. The schools’ Social Responsibility Departments, which operate under their individual Student Life Organizations (SLO®), initiated a campaign to collect blankets for the people affected by the earthquake. In doing so, the students aimed to send a powerful message to the people of Wan--that they were not forgotten as well as to provide direct relief to them.

The students’ efforts paid off and they collected more than 2,000 blankets in less than a week.  Senior prefects worked hard to prepare, pack, and organize the dispatch as quickly as possible. Small stickers stating “May the blanket keep you warm” were placed on each blanket.

“As a caring and responsible community the students and their families have come together to show their support,” said a 10th grader from ISC-Erbil “We have come together to help the people of Wan in their time of urgent need,” the student continued.  

The success of the campaign was due to the students of all SABIS® managed schools in Kurdistan, Iraq, who joined in to contribute to a meaningful cause. Specifically, the students of the International School of Choueifat-Erbil, ISC-Suleimaniah, Sardam International School - Duhok, Fakhir Mergasori International School, and Sarwaran International School impressively responded to the call of SLO® and participated in the campaign wholeheartedly. This community service campaign demonstrates the spirit of social responsibility that is instilled in all SABIS® students, which helps prepare them to become socially responsible global citizens.