My City: An ISC-Erbil Alumni Association Initiative

Around the world, SABIS® schools are recognized for setting students on the path to becoming responsible, caring, conscientious global citizens – a journey that continues after graduation and throughout life. The SABIS® Alumni Global Association (SAGA) is proving to be an exceptional platform for SABIS® graduates to continue making a difference in their communities, long after graduation. My City, an ISC-Erbil Alumni Association initiative, is just one example.

  My City is an initiative of members of the ISC-Erbil Alumni Association as a way to give back to their community. The idea behind My City is to implement projects that aim to improve communities, create awareness about important issues, and help the less fortunate. With the support of their school and the greater Erbil community, My City members aspire to take on larger projects that will make their city better.

In the spring of 2017, the ISC-Erbil Alumni Association established a founding committee for the My City project and created a list of small, proposed projects designed to enhance social and environmental aspects of the city. Members then presented their proposal to the governor of Erbil. The proposal was approved with great enthusiasm, and the team was assigned a government representative to help them implement the My City project.

In the short time it has been active, the My City team has successfully organized two initiatives: an Iftar1 for underprivileged people and a food delivery service that delivered hot meals to low-income neighborhoods within the city of Erbil.

Looking ahead, the My City committee is already planning more projects it hopes to successfully complete. The largest of these projects is the My City Clean and Green campaign, an awareness campaign designed to shed light on the importance of maintaining a clean city and preserving nature in the city. The team is already working on educational material to distribute and is planning to plant trees in the front yards of many houses.

Drawing on all they have learned at ISC-Erbil and the strong support of the ISC-Erbil staff, this proactive group of alumni is working to build a better future for themselves and the generations after them, a result of their love for their city and the desire to make a difference.