Living Together for a Better Life

Living Together for a Better Life

Recently a notable delegation from the Middle Eastern Association for Interfaith Conversation visited Erbil for the opening of their new branch. The opening was celebrated with a conference held at Sheraton Erbil titled “Living Together for a Better Life”.  


To highlight how coexistence is not only possible but can excel in the region, The delegation’s members visited The International School of Choueifat Erbil.


The party of visitors were highly impressed by the excellent academic achievement of the students and the wide variety of activities on offer to them. However, it was the environment of tolerance and harmony that existed between the students and teachers, coming from a widely diverse background of faiths and ethnicities, that really impressed them.


SABIS continuously strives to nurture an environment of mutual acceptance and respect, so that students are not only academically gifted but can navigate the wider world with experience and ease.


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The International School of Choueifat – Erbil

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