KG Fun Day Brings Excitement to ISC-Erbil Students

The KG Fun Day at ISC-Erbil buzzed with excitement as Pre-KG and KG1 students enjoyed a myriad of activities while their parents watched from the bleachers and cheered them on. KG teachers, aides, prefects, and teachers all lent a helping hand to organize the special day on January 31, 2009.

Held in the upper primary gym, the Fun Day included a carnival and PE games with piñatas. Many booths were set up for the various activities taking place throughout the carnival. One booth was dedicated for art, where children joined dots to complete a picture and then used various media, including color, glitter, and glue, to bring it to life. In another booth, students fished for gifts. Other booths were allotted for competitions, such as a pillow race and ball bouncing for younger children, as well as for face painting. A particularly interesting booth was set up to take pictures of children posing as characters from their class readers. Students’ pictures will be framed as Mother’s Day gifts.

The activities were complemented with competitions among the classes and the breaking of piñatas made at school for each class. One by one, students got to try to break the piñata. To complete the KG Fun Day, a commemorative picture was taken of all the participants.

KG Fun Day is one of many activities organized by ISC-Erbil to encourage students to develop interests, hobbies, and skills. As a member of the SABIS® School Network, ISC-Erbil places a great deal of importance on extracurricular activities, which are deemed essential to provide students with a well-rounded education. In its third year of operation, ISC-Erbil continues to grow with an enrolment of over 700 students, who enjoy a high-quality education experience in a supportive learning environment.