ISC-Erbil Teachers Appreciated

Over the past months, the Student Life Organization of the International School of Choueifat-Erbil has been involved in organizing appreciation days for lower, middle, and secondary school teachers.

The first appreciation day, which was held for lower school teachers, took place on December 16, 2009. Marking the occasion, 54 Shadow Teachers™ took over the complete instruction of KG1 to Grade 4 for the first two class periods. The Shadow Teachers™ followed the appropriate pacing charts and lesson plans and points were written on the chalkboard, underlined, and ticked off as they were taught.

The day coincided with the Kurdish Minister of Education's visit to the school that morning. He was impressed with the way the Shadow Teachers™ handled the instruction in the classroom and engaged the students in their learning. "It's an excellent way to help the children develop their personalities," he commented.

The second appreciation day, this time for teachers in the middle and secondary school, was held on February 1, 2010. Sixty-four Shadow Teachers™ took over the complete instruction of grades 5-9 for the first two periods. They also followed the teachers' pacing charts and lesson plans.

The appreciation days were the culmination of over a month of planning. Student prefects worked with the ISC-Erbil Student Life Coordinator to review teachers' schedules, check pacing charts, and revise lesson plans for the class periods they would eventually teach.

To cap off the appreciation days, teachers were invited to tea at the end of the day, in the presence of the school director, AQCs, SLC, and SMC. During the gatherings, the Head Prefect welcomed and thanked the teachers for all their hard work and the support they extended to students. She also thanked her peers for making the event possible.

The teachers in turn thanked the Shadow Teachers™ for appreciating them in this 'special' way. "I felt so relaxed. It was good to know that my students were in safe hands," commented one teacher.

Through this endeavor, students were able to express their appreciation for the teachers' dedication and commitment while at the same time they further developed their leadership, organization, and presentation skills.

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