ISC-Erbil Students Promote a Cleaner Environment

In order to promote a clean environment and to instill eco-awareness amongst its students, the International School of Choueifat-Erbil organized a clean-up campaign with the help of the school’s SLO® Social Responsibility Department. Held on November 19, 2011, the cleaning activity gathered students, plus ISC-Erbil teachers and staff who impressively cleaned the surroundings of the school, from the Shorej area until the Massif-Salahdin crossroad.

The clean-up campaign not only involved ISC-Erbil students and staff, but those of Sarwaran International School and Fakhir Mergasori School, putting the total number of participants at over 200.  “This important campaign showed a high level of responsibility and commitment to the environment and country. It also demonstrated that SABIS® schools in Kurdistan can collaborate to make such projects so successful,” said an ISC-Erbil staff member.

Students of all ages gathered with excitement at the ISC-Erbil campus at 8:30 a.m. Armed with litter bags and the support of their teachers and supervisors, students sang together, collected garbage, and handed out litter bags to picnickers and passing cars.

While distributing the litter bags to passing cars, the students by chance came across Mr. Safin Dizayee, Kurdistan Minister of Education. Mr. Dizayee took the time to learn more about the students’ initiative and expressed his admiration for their efforts and commitment to bettering the environment.

“I am delighted with the enthusiasm and hard work that the students displayed while carrying out the clean-up of the school surroundings,” said ISC-Erbil Middle School Academic Quality Controller, Mr. Swara Kadir. “It has also helped to expand their awareness of other environmental issues and responsibilities,” he added.