ISC-Erbil Students Explore Regional Geography

On January 30, 70 ISC-Erbil ninth grade students and seven teachers participated in a five-kilometer hike through the local hill ranges. The hike was initiated by the students who wanted to learn about surrounding geographical features and strengthen their appreciation of nature.

Preparation for the hike started two weeks earlier as students first obtained the required consent from parents and then collected the appropriate equipment. The next step consisted of carefully planning the route to be covered during the hike.

Beginning with a flat stretch, students then embarked on the steep hill climb that took them up two spurs and finally onto the ridge plateau. After cresting the ridge, deep breaths of mountain air helped students to regain their energy while they stopped to take photos of the panoramic views of the spectacular Kurdish countryside.

The highlight of the expedition was the team spirit prevalent throughout as students encouraged each other and worked as a team in order to reach the ridge. This cooperative spirit sparked the formation of an SLO™ Outdoor Club, which will give students a chance to experience outdoor adventures and stay physically fit.

Once back at the school campus, students gathered for a group photo and parted with resolve to embark upon even grander projects in the future.

A member of the SABIS® School Network, ISC-Erbil currently offers classes to more than 1000 students from KG through Grade 9. The school implements the SABIS® Educational System, which provides a balance of academics, self-development, and life preparation to give students a well-rounded education that is the key to future success.

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