ISC-Erbil Students Enjoy Fun-Filled Activities

April 18, 2009, was a day full of excitement for students of ISC-Erbil as they participated in a treasure hunt. Ninety-five Grade 3 students joined in the day's specially-planned activities.

Students were welcomed by the ISC-Erbil teaching and administrative staff at 9:00 am and were then divided into 12 teams, each of which received a written clue. The teams, each led by one teacher, had to find 10 keys and decode 10 clues before they would find the real treasure box. Each team scampered in search for the keys that would open the treasure box. It was the team led by the Science Head of Department that was the first to find all the keys and correctly decode all clues. Although they were the ones to win the treasure chest, all teams were able to find some goodies.

The treasure hunt was followed by an egg race, during which the children sped down the playground trying to balance hardboiled eggs on a spoon. To round off the day, the teachers and administrative staff accompanied the students to the specially decorated cafeteria where they enjoyed pizza and dancing.

Over the past months, ISC-Erbil's calendar has been piling up with interesting and fun activities, including a KG fun day, ski and field trips, and a mothers’ day celebration, among others. The treasure hunt was particularly acclaimed by students as it fostered team spirit and helped them acquire problem-solving skills. As in all SABIS® schools around the world, ISC-Erbil places great emphasis on students' non-academic development as a way to provide a well-rounded education and equip them with life skills.