ISC-Erbil Students Enjoy a Field Trip to the Mountains

ISC-Erbil’s Activities Department, a part of the school’s Student Life Organization (SLO®), organized a field trip to the mountains on October 22nd, 2011. The activity gathered more than 75 students in grades 8-9 for a visit to Taweska where they enjoyed a sunny day outdoors.

On their way to the mountains, the students sang popular songs and chatted with each other. Upon their arrival, the Student Life Coordinator (SLC) announced the field trip rules to the students. Afterwards, everyone gathered and helped prepare for lunch.

The students took responsibility for keeping the place clean in order to preserve the beautiful Kurdistan mountains. "Holding responsibility, on such field trips, will always allow us to build on what we have experienced," said an ISC-Erbil 9th grader.

After lunch, some students and teachers went hiking while others danced and played football. Many students enjoyed games of chess and scrabble with their teachers as well.  Field trips can be informative, educational, and fun all at the same time. It gives us an opportunity to learn from our experiences,” stated an ISC-Erbil 8th grader.

“Such activities offer our students a chance to experience their surroundings in new ways,” said an ISC-Erbil teacher. She continued, They use their senses to gather information about the world around them.”

The field trip to the mountains is one of the many SLO® activities and programs organized for students at ISC-Erbil. "It is important for students to use field trips as a vehicle for sensory experiences such as smelling the breeze or listening to the sounds of nature." said the SLC in ISC-Erbil.