ISC-Erbil Spring Concert Once Again Receives Rave Reviews

The 3rd annual spring concert of the International School of Choueifat-Erbil was held on June 3 and 4, 2009. The success that the concert witnessed over the past two years has rendered it a highly anticipated event by students and parents of ISC-Erbil as well as by the local community.

The preparations for the concert began several weeks in advance and excitement permeated the school. The costumes were very carefully selected and several hours were spent practicing the dances. Practice sessions were then followed by intense, organized rehearsals. In the meantime, the planning committee met several times to delegate roles and responsibilities to ensure that the end result would be another success. Every member of ISC-Erbil staff took a share of the responsibility, such as writing invitation cards, receiving guests, supervising students, and preparing the props or the sound system, among others.

Held over two days to accommodate the large number of attendees, the 3rd annual concert took place under the theme "Dances across Cultures' in order to represent the 'true' international aspect of the school. The state-of-the-art, purpose-built auditorium at ISC-Erbil campus buzzed with attendees, including parents, a number of ministers and other VIPs, and special SABIS® guests, such as Dr. Marie-Luise Stoll-Steffan, who was instrumental in founding the SABIS® school in Frankfurt, Germany, and Mr. Samir Zakkak, SABIS® Regional Academic Quality Controller. Mr. Carl Bistany, the President of SABIS®, came to support the efforts of the staff and students of Choueifat. The surprise of the evening was when the Prime Minister of Kurdistan, Nechirvan Barzani and his wife graced the concert with their presence.

Each of the concert evenings was very busy and the audiences were truly impressed. "The students performed brilliantly. The concert was a huge success and ISC-Erbil students once again showed their talents determination, " stated one ISC-Erbil parent.

All year long, ISC-Erbil has been actively organizing interesting events to involve the entire school community. From KG fun days to ski and field trips to treasure hunts, these events are fostering team spirit, developing students' soft skills, and establishing close relationships between parents, students, and staff.