ISC-Erbil SLO® Organizes a Picture Perfect Picnic

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, a group of 30 seniors from ISC- Erbil went to Doween for a picnic.  Organized by prefects in the Student Life Organization, the event included good food and lots of fun.

To start the day, the students, accompanied by their teachers, boarded a busbound for Doween. On the way, they sang songs and shared jokes, keeping everyone entertained during the 45-minute drive.

After arriving at the picnic site, everyone gathered around the BBQ grill and enjoyed a delicious meal - kebabs, roasted tomatoes, and onions – and beautiful weather.

Following lunch there was dancing and singing and a football game that even the teachers participated in.

The picnic not only provided enjoyment, but also served as an opportunity for the students to practice their organizational skills.