ISC-Erbil Shadow Teachers™ Lend their Support to PPP Students

Shadow Teachers™ from the International School of Choueifat, Erbil not only run an effective and successful Student Life Academy in their own school, but they have also extended their support to the students of the PPP Fakhir Mergasori School.

A dynamic group of ISC-Erbil Shadow Teachers® report to the PPP school every Saturday and work with the students to provide support in both English and math concepts using the SABIS Point System®.

These aspiring young students epitomize The SABIS® Edge™. They are continuously demonstrating the skills they have acquired through their participation in the SABIS Student Life Organization®. Their dedication and commitment reflect the success of the programs sponsored by the SLO™. They embody the civic and ethical values that are regularly emphasized by the Student Life Organization.

Shadow Teachers™ in SABIS® schools around the world demonstrate strong leadership qualities, as well as good communication and interpersonal skills. They also display self-confidence and promote positive peer pressure in their school community and beyond.