ISC-Erbil Shadow Teacher® Workshop Reinforces Life Skills

Since ISC-Erbil opened its doors in 2006, the SABIS Student Life Organization® at the school has been playing a pivotal role in supporting school academics, building students' self-confidence, promoting positive peer pressure. Organizing and running a weekly Saturday Student Life Academy (SLA) is another important component the SLO™ at ISC-Erbil. Shadow Teachers™, who are selected and trained, deliver lessons at the SLA in order to provide classmates with the necessary academic support.

In this respect, the SLO™ organized a training session on April 18, 2009, for the newly selected Shadow Teachers™ from grades 4 and 5 for 2009-2010. The training, which was conducted by ISC-Erbil Director, Dr. Humaira Bokhari, helped the students understand some ins and outs of presenting material to others by focusing on four important areas: preparation, leaders, modeling, and commitment.

During the training, Dr. Bokhari showed the eager new Shadow Teachers™ how to present a lesson using the SABIS Point System®, which organizes lessons around pre-identified concepts called "points". The Shadow Teachers™ were then given the chance to practice and get feedback from Dr. Bokhari and their peers.

Through ongoing training and practice, ISC-Erbil Shadow Teachers™ will be able to assist their peers to fill gaps in learning process while at the same time as reinforcing their own understanding of concepts and developing essential life skills.