ISC-Erbil Shadow Teacher® Workshop Reinforces Life Skills

Since ISC-Erbil opened its doors in 2006, the SABIS Student Life Organization® at the school has been playing a pivotal role in supporting school academics, building students' self-confidence, promoting positive peer pressure. Organizing and running a weekly Saturday Student Life Academy (SLA) is another important component the SLO™ at ISC-Erbil. Shadow Teachers™, who are selected and trained, deliver lessons at the SLA in order to provide classmates with the necessary academic support.

In this respect, the SLO™ organized a training session on April 18, 2009, for the newly selected Shadow Teachers™ from grades 4 and 5 for 2009-2010. The training, which was conducted by ISC-Erbil Director, Dr. Humaira Bokhari, helped the students understand some ins and outs of presenting material to others by focusing on four important areas: preparation, leaders, modeling, and commitment.

During the training, Dr. Bokhari showed the eager new Shadow Teachers™ how to present a lesson using the SABIS Point System®, which organizes lessons around pre-identified concepts called "points". The Shadow Teachers™ were then given the chance to practice and get feedback from Dr. Bokhari and their peers.

Through ongoing training and practice, ISC-Erbil Shadow Teachers™ will be able to assist their peers to fill gaps in learning process while at the same time as reinforcing their own understanding of concepts and developing essential life skills.

The International School of Choueifat – Erbil

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