ISC-Erbil Organizes SLO® Mini-Camp

The ISC-Erbil Student Life Organization® organized a three-day mini-camp for students in grades 9 to 12. From October 24 to 26, 2013, students participated in leadership presentations, team-building activities, as well as many other activities. 

During the 3-day event topics including the ‘Power of Positive Thinking’, ‘Fish Philosophy’, ‘Power of Belief’ and ‘Leadership is Everyone’s Business’ were presented, discussed, and thoroughly enjoyed by the students. At the end of the camp, participants were awarded leadership certificates for taking part in the event.

The students were very inspired. “I was very fortunate to attend the minicamp and now I am ready to help make a positive difference at my school,” commented one student.

ISC-Erbil, like all SABIS® member schools, believes that education does not occur solely in the classroom and offers its students many opportunities to develop into well-rounded individuals.