ISC-Erbil Initiates Prefect of the Day Program

The SABIS Student Life Organization® at the International School of Choueifat-Erbil recently implemented a “Prefect of the Day” program for the school’s Kindergarten Department. Aiming to encourage leadership and instill confidence in kindergarten students, the program is carried out by teachers who select a student to be “Prefect of the Day” based on good behavior, among other factors.

“The whole idea is to reward those who are demonstrating positive behavior by allowing them to be a role model to others,” said an ISC-Erbil staff member.  “Students at this age can play an instrumental role in encouraging positive behavior in their peers and teaching students about responsibility and other social skills.”

Each day excited kindergarten students look forward to seeing who is recognized for their good behavior by getting the chance to wear a paper crown bearing the words “Prefect of the Day”. “Being acknowledged as the prefect encourages and motivates students to do their best,” said ISC-Erbil Student Life Coordinator, Ms. Rawiya Mahmoud.  “In addition, being in a leadership role prepares them to be effective and proactive prefects in the future.”

“I feel that this initiative of our SLO® has provided kindergarten students with a chance to be a role model at a formative time in their lives.  Moreover, it has created a wealth of opportunity for these students to build confidence and character,” commented ISC-Erbil Kindergarten Academic Quality Controller.

ISC-Erbil’s “Prefect of the Day” program is one of the many SLO® programs organized for students at the school. SLO® prefects regularly plan events and programs with the purpose of making a positive difference to the staff and students of the school.

 Student participation in SLO® activities is encouraged in schools throughout the SABIS® School Network. By fostering the exploration of a wide range of interests and promoting the development of students’ individual talents, SABIS® ensures that students acquire a broad range of skills and experiences so they can become effective and valuable team players, and strong candidates at top universities around the world.

ISC-Erbil currently serves close to 1,400 students in KG-10 and is one of two private schools managed by SABIS® in Kurdistan. The school contributes to raising the standard of education and rebuilding the nation by providing a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and experiences.

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