ISC-Erbil Holds Appreciation Lunch for Shadow Teachers™

Shadow Teaching™ is an emerging practice in schools throughout the SABIS® School Network. Highly promoted in SABIS® schools, Shadow Teaching™ provides students with the opportunity to take up the challenging task of working ahead of their class in a specific subject and stepping in as a teacher on occasion to teach their fellow classmates.

Recently, in recognition of 50 of its own Shadow Teachers™, the ISC-Erbil administration invited these top students to lunch to express its appreciation of their hard work and commitment toward their peers and school. The lunch was attended by Dr. Humaira Bokhari, ISC-Erbil Director, Mrs. Rawia Mahmoud, SLC, Mr. Swara Kadir, AQC, and Mr. Rami Abousleh, SMC, and Mr. Raed Mahmoud, SABIS® representative.

During the lunch, Dr. Bokhari commended the Shadow Teachers™ stating: “I applaud you for embodying the “SABIS® Edge™” through dedicated service and self-motivation, but more so for the choice you are making to acquire self-discipline, build your confidence, and be positive role models for your peers. I advise you to continue to strengthen these qualities as they are essential components of lifelong learning and will help prepare you for real life situations.”

In response, the SLO™ Head Prefect, Mohammed Saeed, expressed gratitude to ISC-Erbil administration on behalf of all ISC-Erbil Shadow Teachers™ and thanked them for being given the opportunity to grow and develop as responsible world-class citizens that contribute to the improvement of their own lives and the lives of others.

By assuming the role of Shadow Teachers™, SABIS® students learn to become effective classroom leaders, reinforce their own understanding, and develop confident presentation skills.