ISC-Erbil Dinner Marks Successful Start

The administration and staff of ISC-Erbil gathered to celebrate Iftar during Ramadan. Attended by the former Minister of Education, Mr. Abdul Aziz Taib, the dinner was organized to recognize the efforts of individuals who had contributed to the foundation of ISC-Erbil.

In his welcome address, SABIS® President, Mr. Carl Bistany recognized those who lent their support to the project including HE Prime Minister Barzany, Minister Abdul Aziz Taib, and FROBIL Management. In recognition of his role as initiator and supporter of this project, Mr. Abdul Aziz Taib was presented with a gift on behalf of SABIS®.

For the ISC-Erbil administration and staff gathered, Mr. Bistany delivered a special message. “In choosing to work at ISC-Erbil, you chose more than a job in a school, you made the noble decision to accompany this nation on its mission. With your dedication, patience, and resourcefulness, you have begun to help ensure that ISC-Erbil students have an edge in the future with a solid academic foundation, a strong sense of self development, and most importantly life preparation. Together we will make ISC- Erbil a beacon of knowledge and discipline, a place where dreams and potential are realized.”