ISC-Erbil Connects with its Community

ISC-Erbil is committed to instilling in each and every student an awareness of their responsibility towards their community. To drive this message home, the school organizes a number of activities and outreach programs, including a “food drive” on the occasion of Adha Eid. This year, ISC-Erbil students and their families generously donated hundreds of non-perishable items that included blankets, flour, rice and sugar.  The items were bagged and then distributed to more than 600 families.

The annual activity was planned by the students in the SLO® Outreach and Social Responsibility Departments.  Accompanied by the Student Life and Activities Coordinators, 36 senior prefects visited several villages near and around the school campus. “Our students revealed a great sense of social awareness and worked hard to provide a successful community service,” said Dr. Humaira Bukhari, School Director of ISC-Erbil.

Once the word got out about the food drive, the response from the ISC-Erbil community was overwhelming and generous.  It took senior prefects many days to pack the goods.  During the entire process they worked admirably as a team. “We were glad to have been able to participate in this event,” said a Grade 10 student.  She continued, “Sharing happiness and joy is the core of the Social Responsibility Department.”

The Student Life Organization®, an integral part of the SABIS® Educational System, fosters self-development, teamwork, and provides a large number of opportunities for students to explore a wide range of interests. Through various community activities, the SLO® also instills a remarkable sense of compassion and consideration for others in students.