ISC - Erbil 10th and 11th Graders Take Field to Haji Baiyz

On Saturday, April 7, 2012, the ISC-Erbil SLO® sponsored a field trip for students in grades 10 and 11. A group of 70 students accompanied by ten teachers took the scenic route to Haji Baiyz, a mountain resort to the northwest of Erbil. Excellent weather conditions heightened the excitement of all participants.  The teachers and students waded in the shallow stream, hiked up the mountain side, and played various games.  The tantalizing aroma of the BBQ brought all activities to a standstill, as everyone gathered around to share a delicious meal. After lunch activities included singing and dancing.

On the way back the group stopped to taste the renowned ice cream served in Shaqlawa bazaar.

ISC-Erbil staff and students truly enjoyed the field trip. SLO® Head Prefect, Salin Aziz, stated “This was the best school trip.  It was so much fun to be out together with teachers and friends.” Salin had helped in coordinating the activities. Mohammad Nahro, an eleventh grader, was also among the organizers tasked with making sure the trip was a memorable one.

Students had a great opportunity to buildtheir social skills as the tripnot only provided enjoyment but also taught students how to take on responsibility and build trust and teamwork.

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