Iraq’s Ministry Officials Visit ISC-Erbil

On September 22, 2010, the International School of Choueifat-Erbil welcomed 14 members from Iraq’s government ministries, including members from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Labor, and officials from the World Trade Organization (WTO) Accession Services. The guests received a warm welcome to the school, one of two private schools managed by SABIS® in Kurdistan. To facilitate the officials’ visit, SABIS® and ISC-Erbil administrators were on hand, including SABIS® Regional Director, Mr. Salah Ayche, SABIS® Representative in Kurdistan, Mr. Raed Mahmoud, and ISC-Erbil School Director, Dr. Humaira Bokhari.

During the visit, the officials toured the campus, which involved a stop to see the Kindergarten classes, along with the English, physics, and math classes. While observing students in class, the officials expressed their satisfaction of the high standard and quality of education being provided to the students. The officials were particularly impressed that the students were studying English, Kurdish, and Arabic.

The campus tour was followed by a presentation on the SABIS® Educational System and an opportunity for the guests to ask questions and discuss SABIS®’s educational approach. Before leaving for their offices in Baghdad, the officials thanked the ISC-Erbil administration, teachers, and staff for their contribution to education in the region. “We consider this visit an important milestone for the education sector in Iraq,” said Mr. Omar Nayef, WTO Accession Program Specialist. “Potential is high for future cooperation between SABIS® and the Ministry of Education,” Mr. Nayef added.

Commenting on SABIS®’s work in the region, Mr. Mahmoud said, SABIS® is looking forward to making a difference in every child’s life.”

ISC-Erbil currently serves close to 1,400 students in K-10 and is one of two private schools managed by SABIS® in Kurdistan. ISC-Erbil contributes to raising the standard of education and rebuilding the nation by providing a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and experiences.