Help your Community

The Social Responsibility Department of the Student Life Organization (SLOTM) at the International School of Choueifat-Erbil embarked on a project entitlted “Help Your Community” in late February 2011.  A group of Choueifat students visited one of the public schools in Balakh – the Balakah Elementary School  –  in the neighboring village of Bragh and expressed their interest in helping the school.

During the initial visit to the school, the ISC-Erbil students asked the principal to give them a list of items required improve instruction at the school.   Within a week the principal sent the ISC SLOTM a list of needs ranging from paper to a storage room, and within a short period of time, the students of ISC-Erbil had raised enough money to meet the school’s requests.

On April 16, 2011, the staff and students of Balakh Elementary School invited ISC-Erbil students to attend a small ceremony.  A group of ISC-Erbil students, accompanied by the school director and the Student Life Coordinator, visited the school.  They were very warmly received by the principal, staff, and students. With everyone gathered in the school courtyard, Mr. Sherwan, Balakh Elementary School principal, welcomed the ISC-Erbil group and thanked them for all their support.  He thanked them for the ‘spirit of sharing and support’ and recognized the difference their help would make in the lives of the students at his school.

The Head of Education Inspector also expressed his admiration for ISC-Erbil students’ thoughtfulness and expressed a desire to see such project replicated by others in the region. 

Mohammed Nahro, Head Prefect of ISC-Erbil SLOTM, thanked the hosts and announced the introduction of a new project in the near future. The project will involve the teaching of the English language to students at the Balakh Elementary School by ISC-Erbil Shadow Teachers, ISC-Erbil students who volunteer to act as teachers.  The announcement was met with enthusiasm and a sense of promise for the future.

This project is one of many that ISC-Erbil has undertaken to show their commitment to giving back to communities in the region by sharing their resources and talents. 

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