Grade 1 Participates in Fun Day at ISC-Erbil

Grade 1 students at the International School of Choueifat—Erbil (ISC-Erbil), a SABIS® Network school, took part in Fun Day on May 23, 2015.

The students were offered a variety of fun activities and had an overall enjoyable time. The event was created for numerous reasons including: to provide a fun, motivational, and enriching environment for the students, while offering sport activities, games, and competitions.

The eventful day also helped strengthen the relationship among ISC-Erbil students and their teachers, and built confidence among students when dealing with people and students they don’t meet on daily basis. Participating students also developed and improved their physical skills and teamwork through the various competitions.

Parents praised ISC-Erbil for its organizational efforts and execution of Fun Day. “We are very thankful for the school and everyone who helped to make this Fun Day such a success,” the mother of one student said.

Another parent was proud to speak about how the students were overjoyed during the entire event. “We are grateful for the team who worked on organizing the Fun Day. It is a great idea and the kids love it and look forward to it every year,” the father of a student said. Thanks to the hard work put into organizing the activity, everyone enjoyed the day.