Food Drive

For the second consecutive year, ISC-Erbil students held a food drive on the occasion of Adha Eid, on the 29th of October. Students and their families impressively demonstrated a great sense of awareness and compassion, towards the poor and needy families in Erbil, through various contributions and donations. In fact, hundreds of cans of food and blankets, plus tons of sugar, flour and rice, were collected by ISC-Erbil students, and were distributed to more than 400 families in several villages.

The activity was planned by students in the Social Responsibility Department, which is a part of ISC-Erbil’s Student Life Organization (SLO®). Accompanied by the Student Life Coordinator (SLC), the middle school Academic Quality Controller (AQC), a Student Management Coordinator (SMC) and many teachers, the students visited several villages including Hawez, Touraq, and a needy neighborhood in Ainkawa. “Our students revealed a great sense of social awareness and worked hard to provide a successful community service,” said an ISC-Erbil staff member. He continued, “Such activities ultimately aim to develop active society members.” 

Once the students got the word out about the food drive, the response from the ISC-Erbil community was, surprisingly, immediate. For many days, the students helped with packing the goods using team work skills while eagerly looking forward to meeting the families. “We were very glad to have the opportunity to visit those families and to bring a smile to their faces on this occasion,” stated an ISC-Erbil 11th grader. She continued, “Sharing happiness and joy is the core of Social Responsibility Department.”

The Student Life Organization, an integral part of the SABIS® Educational System, fosters self-development, teamwork, and the exploration of a wide range of interests among students at ISC-Erbil. Moreover, SLO® helps instill a remarkable sense of compassion and consideration for others, through various community activities.

ISC-Erbil currently serves close to 1,700 students in K-11 and is one of two private schools managed by SABIS® in Kurdistan. These schools contribute to raising the standard of education and rebuilding the nation by providing a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and experiences.